Silicone Sex Doll (158cm)

Before the world of silicone sex dolls, there was the blow up dolls. With this sex dolls, a lot was lacking and the need to make it better brought about the the silicone dolls. With most people still arguing that they get the same experiences with a blow up doll and still save a lot of money, here are practical reasons as to why a silicone sex doll is the only one you should go for.

Fulfilling Fantasies

Every man/woman has that fantasy person they are often attracted to. The attraction is usually so much that they end up drooling over just the thought of them. This are the fantasies that can only be fulfilled with silicone dolls. With silicone sex dolls being custom made to buyers specifications, everyone gets what they desire be it a movie star or your ex-look alike.


The best part about having a Silicone Sex Doll is no doubt to fulfill sexual needs as they arise. In this case with silicone dolls unlike blow up dolls, they not only resemble and have a touch like a real person, some can also be preheated to have the needed temperature. In addition regardless of your sex drive whether high or low, you can always be assured your Silicone Sex Doll will be read for you, matching your expectations.


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