Silicone Sex Doll (100cm)

Regularly, we are pleased to present a Silicone Sex Doll ideally configured With over 1000 euros discount!

These muses are the result of the conclusion of the whole team, for the most beautiful harmonies between all customization options. When not well known silicone dolls can sometimes seem difficult to choose from the multitude of finishes that can offer:
Body / face / skin color / eye color / makeup / hair / shape and color of nail / nipple size / shape of the vagina / pubic color … thousands of combinations are indeed possible.
Our experience at your service to propose a monthly magnificent doll, especially created to sublimate the smallest details.
Each doll thus manufactured will be delivered with a certificate signed by Europe.

The report was done in French, but we present below a summary translated into English:
The classic inflatable plastic dolls have given way to increasingly Silicone Sex Doll.
Made of silicone, its texture is close to that of human skin. All details, such as hand lines are painstakingly reproduced, making dolls retain a natural demeanor in any position. The silicone injected into the breast is the same used for breast surgery. The faces are interchangeable and customization possibilities, numerous. It is also possible to manufacture personalized faces. The extreme realism of the dolls is a source of inspiration for artists such as painters, sculptors and photographers.
Victor, photographer of the report, explains artistic interest are representing the combination of the true and the false. For the wrists of our company are remarkable for their realism in terms of aesthetics and tactile contact.

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