Silicone Doll

Silicone Doll or real women? Because to the surprise of many dolls they have reached a new level and now look like women of flesh and blood.
let me know your comments you would like one of these?

These are Silicone Doll that have been used for many years and that its main function is to make you feel accompanied and represent a part of Japanese culture that is there as a secret, available to whoever has the cash and especially the desire to put it to use.

Our Silicone Doll are also equipped with an entirely articulated skeleton, which allows multiple positions. In addition, all the poses that you give your wrist will be realistic, because the skeleton is designed to avoid certain degrees of joints and avoid giving her doll a position that would not be achievable by a human (knees are twisted, necks that twist …)
Silicone sheath is used as it composed of shape memory alloys. These elements allow retain the initial shape of the silicone, thus allowing the same ultra realistic positions.

For this we use a silicone nonallergic last generation, which maintains a natural and elegant appearance in all positions.

Orient Industry reported that its new range of dolls, made with high-quality silicone, they look so real that it is difficult to distinguish at first glance a real girlfriend.

The dolls, which are not inflatable, are sold with the idea that whoever buys never want to have a real girlfriend.

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