Life Like Adult Dolls

After 10 years of searching, we are proud to present our new silicone: Soft Skin.
With a capacity of withdrawal at least 3 times higher than our previous silicone, long live now and feel incredible sensations of softness!
All joints of our dolls are increased and facilitated through improved stretchability of the silicone. His wrist gives you a sweetness of skin, flexibility and incomparable softness. We use our silicone Soft Skin for all our dolls made from November 1, 2015, no additional fee.

Follows a long phase to give a perfect finish realism in every anatomical detail of the wrist.

Then the Life Like Adult Dolls are carefully massaged, we make them manicures and pubic hair is inserted one by one. Everything is created according to your requirements …

So done with passion, each doll is a unique creation and is a true work of art.

Compatibility table body / face lets you select a doll with harmonious proportions, and can even choose faces with the same body, thanks to an easy to use system.

The measurement chart shows the different measurements of each body that we offer, and the comparison chart lets you select the body that suits your needs.

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Results 1 of 4