Adult Doll

There are a number of reasons that make this Adult Doll the right option for you or even your partner. First-of-all, they are made from high quality silicone that is heated this assures you of a warm and cuddly experience while playing with your doll even during the cold weather. The adult-size doll is easily heated and can maintain temperatures of between 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit or 37 degrees Centigrade which is the normal human body temperature.
Secondly, the Adult Doll comes in real-like form and this makes the moment fell natural and real. The average height of the doll is 158 cm or 5 ft 2 inches which is the normal height of a Japanese lady.
Though it cannot stand on its own, the elegant and sexy doll can be folded into different positions and makes it effective for different kinds of positions and styles. You will fancy trying vaginal, oral, anal or any other technique you can imagine. If you want to have the ultimate satisfaction and take the adult experience a notch higher, the Japanese silicone doll is what you need.

Soft Skin is a true revolution that we offer.
With our soft silicone Soft Skin, Treat yourself to a unique experience!

Change wrist as many times as you want!

With a very easy system to use, you can have multiple faces to his wrist, and vary the pleasures.
An internal system on the heads of our Adult Doll allows you to change your face very simple way. In 3 simple steps, you can remove the head and change it. A hole located behind the face allows unhook the head and replace it as often as desired.
Our bust exhibition: Head Base

If you have multiple faces for your wrist, we offer the Head Base. It is a bust on which can set the faces. This accessory allows you to thus expose the additional faces, to enjoy them even when they are not on your wrist.

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