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silicone sex dolls -03 Our silicone sex doll has a hyper-realistic appearance as they are hand-made by professional artists. The material that they are made of (silicone) feels like smooth, soft and flexible human skin. The body and all fours can move freely with a wide variety of poses. The skin color of the dolls has a purely natural appearance throughout the body. With these dolls you will live an experience like you’ve never had before.

Body joints are made of metal with last professional technology, which ensure that arms and legs can be free and modified to take all kinds of positions. Wrists quality is excellent and can be customized to suit the client. Hair Color (8 wigs to choose from), nails (French manicure or nail color) and 4 colors of white skin, color-skin (the most popular) or pink. When you purchase the doll, we will contact you for customizing your wrist (see dolls custom category).

Due to the nature of these items and because of the customization options of these dolls, you have the policy of no refunds once accepted the article. When you go out to shop for silicone sex doll, it is pleasure to ensure that you will get your favorite one.

♥ There are so many different ways by which you can get sex dolls from different online shops that provide them. We are glad to help you get the best, here are some tips that will help you get cheap silicone sex doll. Of course one of the ways that help you get the cheap silicone sex doll is to shop online. This is a fantastic way because our online shop offer these love dolls at a lower price compared to others. This is because we do not need to bear operation costs like others physically located shops do. Therefore, we can afford to sell you these dolls at a lower price. We are professional producer of silicone sex doll.

♥ Start your life like sex doll collection made of silicone and get to enjoy the process of including these warm and charming women into your life. Feel free to customize how you’d want her to look but also what she’d be wearing. Grab one with a cute and shy face or start with a sexy model-type doll. Choose your most affordable sex doll today, so that you can appreciate the 100% guarantee of stress-free safe sex. We try to provide you the best silicone sex doll with high quality. Meet the girl you’ve secretly been fantasizing about. Allow the company of Silicone Sex Doll to make that passion come out of you.

♥ Enjoy sex with petite mini real doll Yumi as often as you want. Who knows? She might enjoy it too! Whichever real life sex doll you pick first – These sex dolls need your pleasuring bedroom skills into their lives as well. Our silicone dolls are the most lifelike and enjoyable love dolls! We emphasize the term “Silicone Sex Doll” because they are so much more than a sex toy. They are human sized dolls (custom heights are available). They are really really sweet darlings and absolutely worth your time. No need to wait for weeks anymore. Our models are pre-built and ready to be customized and shipped within days. All Shipping is discrete and quick. All deliveries are discreet.